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Uhhhh i wish I had cleared it there itself it just doesn’t feel right!!!
It was just do wrong to say that!
I just want to say…
Tai if you really meant it the way it sounded I am sorry you are so wrong!
" I told you na we shouldn’t speak like that "
How can you say that speaking out ourfears our constant worry to friends isn’t wrong I feel…
If you meant it in some other manner if you meant dwelling over them isn’t very right or not good for us only then I am sorry and then I am absolutely okay but if you really meant that it is not a very good thing to talk all of that out…then I am sorry but that’s wrong I completely understand the other person as well should try to be careful of not triggering the other person but sharing our fears like paranoid fears out may be repeatedly maybe because they might be going through some form of ocd and the reassurance cycle yet…isn’t or shouldn’t be seen as bad or wrong. Instead may be they also don’t want to irritate others but are feeling helpless and deeply into fears…
Of course you can have your boundaries and thru should be respected but shouldn’t see sharing fears or talking of them as wrong or with disgrace.
They just need help.
And sure nobody is asking u to be a therapist but this thing that yet continues in many parts of the world even today in subtle ways but exists of seeing expressing emotions and being vulnerable as mad or madness or unnecessary or mannerless or wrong isn’t right.
The guilt that some people sometimes set into the the environment for expressing off authentically or being vulnerable hurts and makes u feel even more ad and guilty!

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Sneha Anand @sneha08

Being expressive and vulnerable is such a brave thing to do unlike some who considers it as mere weakness.
And I totally agree with you that we should respect others boundaries but that doest mean that we become insensitive to them. Reaching out to them is so very important especially when you know the gravity of the situation demands it.
I really appreciate your words and can’t agree with you more.🌻


Thank you first of all for having read such a long and kind of ambiguous thought of mine…🧡
And yes absolutely being vulnerable should be accepted and not disrespected.
And yes healthy boundaries do not expect the other to become insensitive to them. 🧡
Thank you for your response. 🧡


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