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Uhhh seriously worst exam I knew nothing seriously I am a useless stupid person not doing well in academics or anything and along with that not even working properly on myself…is my life this forever is it going to be like this only…will good times ever ever ever come back when I feel happy about myself when my parents and family are relieved and happy about me when I will feel I am progressing I have zero energy and zero liking for myself ans my life right now and very scared what if this the only time I have properly with my grandparents and I seriously have no energy nor can I make it a happy and satisfying time for them will I be able to give them all that I want to before God forbid anything happens…will ever be happy about myself again…
Tired of myself and my unique and stupid and mad problems and this not happening at all life…

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Pankaj Kumar @crazyguy3495

Hey dear a simple exam is never define you neither it decide your relationships with your love one and yeah sometimes in life things happens we don’t want or expected but hey you did everything that you can and that is most beautiful thing dear and if you live this life then there is some good days and some will bad so don’t worry about that and look I don’t know about you but I know one things you will smile again and again and again and whenever you smile no matter what happens good or bad you will be one of the most beautiful person anyone ever seen and I remember one line that I heard from Batman Movie when Bruce Wayne I failed then alfred said Why do we fall sir? So that we can learn to pick ourselves up. So pick yourself and make yourself smile again and I hope you will smile


Thanks for your important last words yes I got to pick myself up!❣
Thank you for your unconditional love without even knowing me…❣
And thing is I think I didn’t do the work I could’ve or should have even with whatever problems I have…☹️


But thanks a lot for your effort to uplift me…❣

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Pankaj Kumar @crazyguy3495

Hey don’t worry and relax things will be okay next time and no matter what happens we got your back and stay firm with you and keep coming and share anything

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Turtle @turtle09

Hey! There is always a next time and next exam. But dont get encouraged to procrastinate. Put your efforts and rest is left to the people who correct and god who gives us luck. And at the same time your parents and grandparents are also advancing slowly in age. This time wont come back and I am sure you will figure out a way to get it all together. Just pat your back, get up again and move forward.
Wish you luck,success and happiness 🙂😊
And a doggo emoji to lift you up 🐶


Thank you for being so honest yes got to get up no matter what even if everything seems to out of order in the hope to bring it all together 💕
Thank you! Will keep coming back here to remind myself of these things.
Thanks for your efforts to uplift me you all 💕
😃😄😄 for the doggo emoji 💕


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