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Trying to find the purpose of my existence, I sometimes wonder why was I even brought to earth? Except for my parents, my existence doesn’t make a difference to anyone and I’m not a great son either . Can’t only worthwhile people be on earth , why get the rest and make them suffer , over the last couple of years have seen a lot of wonderful people leave this place, which makes me wonder what is it that is keeping me here , is God really dumb


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I can feel you.
Thinking the same right now.


Exactly all we want to know the purpose of our life, why we are alive, what should we do to make our life better, and we all are fucked up some how, and somewhat all we know that something is still wait for us, basically according to me the purpose of life is our existence, survival, complete our basic needs, to feel good after all. Becoz when we feel good then we can find satisfaction, so find your passion in which you can find satisfaction


Our purpose on earth is to make a better society for upcoming generations