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Ritwik @photon_insights

Trying my best to take the road that would help me end up somewhere, making me feel present and what not yet the moment I near to my destination, I feel distanced and give up halfway, making it further tough to show who you are and have the fear of losing something precious.

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You need not to have the fear of missing something precious until you are in the right path. Because as you grow older you become lonely. It is completely fine because only when you leave your past behind you can reach the heights. When you grow in your life everyone, who can’t grow with you are the people you’ll leave behind and you will make yourself better where you will get better things always.

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Ritwik @photon_insights

I really appreciate you replying to my post. Was realising that how this year was a rollercoaster ride for me. From new opportunities to betrayal, making new connections that not even lasted for a significant amount of time and what not. Had a lot of thoughts in my mind which kept it so much busier at times. Not being able to be the best and falling of the track and yeah still I somehow stumbled yet walked the rest of the miles.


That’s enough for one to learn alot from life


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