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Truly feeling incapable and very unhappy with myself. I still have a lingering hope to do something that may utilize my hobby and talent of art but feeling unfocused and unrecognized. I see that a friend of mine is working on her art a lot …but as I want to…I just feel dissatisfied with my art …due to being dissatisfied with myself and life having given me bad self-esteem…as I encourage and push my friend onward with their dreams and pursuits, I can’t help but feel left behind and let-down on my own. I can’t help but feel like the more I try… I’m just in a competition I’ ll never “win”. Evenso…this person is younger and has looked to me…but I dont see myself in such a way…but feel terrible about feeling resentment that I didnt know or have the tools or fight to do the things I wanted…and feel it’s too late. I’ ll never stop supporting them…but I feel like I have nothing…and feel like I’m fading away with litte to no support.

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It’s okay to feel that way sometime. All you need to do is get out of your head. Stop thinking. And the best way to stop thinking is to start acting. When you are in action, you are not thinking about anything else. Just try doing something and not be in your head for two days. It will work


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