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I have been abused and molested. I have had a medical student share my diagnosis to the entire class without my consent. And I have no one who is willing to speak up for me.
I want justice and I don’t know what to do

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Therealifecoach @therealifecoach

Focus on reestablishing your mindset to Inner-Peace. If you act without being at peace with this situation, you will only make the matter worse. Once at peace, begin to alternate your peace with the memory of this situation until you are able to recall it without becoming upset. Upon doing so, the solutions will pop out at you. :)If you go to, I have written a short guide to Inner-Peace. You can leave your questions as comments on the last page if you have any difficulties with finding your own way; there are more instructions therein if you require additional help or if you would like to participate in the group coaching call today at 5PM Est. @therealifecoach on Instagram.Wishing you the very best :)


I wan’t justice too, don’t worry the universe will punish him , actually we’re kind of having the same problem , i’ve got blackmailed someone got pictures of me naked without my permission and i don’t even know him so what can i do and i really need some help with that i started hating myself i can’t look at my body


What is it that you exactly want, when you say you want justice?

Introvert @lonelyguy1998

Im in same situation


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