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Trigger warning
I advised a trigger warning to this post because I believe this topic isn’t typically talked about based off of my own daily conversations and personally hearing conversations or seeing conversations posted online by others in society. I feel that what I am about to discuss is very taboo and is only discussed by those who have come to find others who share the same beliefs.
With all of that being said, what I am going to discuss in this post is feminism and what would our society look like if we were to create and eventually implement and matriarchal society.
Just so that others understand my personal views so as not to label me a “man basher” or “woman hater” allow me to share with you my own personal experiences on what it is like to be treated as a female due to my physicality…
I enjoy being a woman (not to be smug, only to destroy the belief of others that I am feminist because I want to be a man). I love my body. I love the tone of my voice. I do not love being treated like a woman. You see, society has a way of dictating a woman’s behavior and looks. I do understand it is the same for men however, your dictation is not borderline cruel and (dare I say) unusual? With the physical appearance of being a woman, I and many others are told to remain silent, to not voice our opinions or speak our minds. We are definitely not trusted as easily as men are. We are shamed and told that we cannot have ambition. That going after our goals and dreams would be “irresponsible” and “shameful”. Women have to carry a burden of responsibilities and do so in silence in order to please men and other “brainwashed” women. 
I believe that we can create a world where women are not constantly stood on. Where women can be trusted just as much as men can be. I believe that the first step would be to destroy the idea and plan of gender roles.


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Hey! I’m so sorry that you had to give a long prelude to your idea on the way the world should work. The fact is when you and I use the word “feminism” we use it in the true essence of the word that is fighting for equal rights for all. With all the noise around feminism, what with men who are fond of the term “feminazi” and some of the pseudo-feminists too (they need to be called out too) the debate has swung far away from the case in hand but to some of the outliers. I think I agree with almost everything you wrote in the last paragraph, and all that really seems to be affecting me is the fact that you had to offer such clarification before you could just state some basic human truths. But unfortunately, that is the world we live in. People like to get offended without knowing the context, or seeing things in totality.


I was actually going to add more to that last paragraph but my phone had died lol. Gender roles are constantly pushed in everyday life. “Women should do this…men should do this”. I recently watched a documentary were children in small town were given a lesson on gender roles where the person conducting the study had them reverse the roles. It is absurd…the dangers of gender roles. Mental health or “Psychological Health” as I prefer to call it, is greatly affected by the gender role ideology.
And oh so sorry for the long introduction. As mentioned, you can’t seem to label yourself anything without others making up reasons as to why you are the way you are. I don’t know, maybe it helps them sleep better at night.


I believe in you that you women are smart enough also to not give a f*ck to them!