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If you or somebody you know is currently struggling, please take deep breaths and reach out to somebody. Here are few resources that may help.

No one 111 @jarul

trigger warning* For every woman who speaks up about how she has been victimised, 100 more get the courage to speak even louder and more open and honest. By simply talking about it, making yourself heard and outing your assailant, you are creating a world that lets them know, that Time’s up. We will not take anything lying down, we will fight back. We are here to be heard, to be seen and we are here to claim our right to safety back. Most importantly you are letting every victim who has stayed quiet so far know, that they are not alone. That their lives are worth more than fear. Because boy is every skeevy, pervy gross dude’s time up.

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Avni @avni

This is soo important than letting fear get to you. Females supporting females, femme genders is the future.


If you fall, we’ll be there to pick you up and help you carry on. That’s the attitude.


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