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Trauma of being abandoned and ghosted has really taken over me and I guess now I’m just scared to let people in. Even if I want to enjoy some new company I just end up pushing people away. It’s unfair, but now I am just afraid that everything is going to end up in pain and tears.


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I feel you boo, I am also scared of being abandoned but if you have to heal first, then let people in of course not many but start by one. I don’t know how to help bc I usually vent here and am not good with helping others but I really hope I did. Have a nice day and I wish you the best life. <3


I get you! Totally… you know I’ve let a few people in. I mean after all I’ve been through I still thought I should give other people some chance… and this too after healing. But boooom they did the same. I mean what’s wrong with the world now…


Well, I do get your point because I also stopped making friends for the same reason. And boo let me tell you that you’ll find good friends someday, maybe not today, tomorrow, or the day after…but one day you will find someone who is worth your time and friendship. If you don’t open up and let others get close to you so you can get to know them, then how will you find that friend. My point is you have to risk it to make it, you see what I did there :) , anyways in order to find that friend who is worth it. You have to open up and show your real self if they don’t like you for being you…then they ain’t worth it babe. And you keep trying although it would hurt to go through that over and over, I hope that doesn’t happen and that you find a really good friend soon.
Much Love <3


Hey! :)
Let’s talk it out. It’s a new day, Sun is up, skies are blue… it’s beautiful but not as much as you!


Owww!!! As cheesy as Amul.

Probably the worst reply you’d ever hear. What’s up?


Cheese always helps when you feeling low…
then top it up with sugar and you’re good to go!
My lines are cheesy but I am sweet…
It’s through now and me that we were destined to meet! 😂