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Tomorrow I’ll be going back to my dorm !! And m not happy at all because being around people is what I hate the most and it always annoyed me that they always gossips about unrelated things . My roomate is even worst she’s a bully who ordered our roomies to do work for her well i am not a pushover so i fight with her (with mouth) but i don’t wanna get involved in fights i just wanted to live a peaceful dorm life and i tried to stay away from troubles and keep silent everytime i go back after vacation but they can’t stay still they just… AGHHH even the thought of it is making me angry, i wished that i enjoy with my roomies and do late night snacks party and so so many things but it spoiled now !! Being a good person is hard , you can never be a good person and kind when there is always someone who keeps disturbing your peaceful life :)) eventually it will turn out as a Villainess that everyone hates:))

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