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Today’s day was absolutely stressful
I actually have a lot of things to do and have a lot of chapters to revise for my upcoming midterms. But the problem is that I cannot cope up with this much amount of stress, I have a lot of backlogs to complete and my physics class is absolutely left untouched…I have a lot of replay sessions to watch and if I don’t complete them I cannot watch the further ones…it’s really stressful and overwhelming and I feel like I’m having anxiety problems, like I cannot sleep, eat properly and my health is deteriorating…I have certain grades to achieve and want to do better but this is putting a lot of strain on me and also I cannot let it go as it matters to me…though not the grades but the info and knowledge I get matters to me…I feel like I’m continuously falling behind and don’t know what to do…

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look, I went through the same problem I too had anxiety when my exams started and because of this I couldn’t sleep I even started to take sleeping pills but later on, i realized that taking this amount of stress will not do me anything, i couldn’t get good scores too so i focused on my strengths the courses I like. so for now pick those courses which you like to study them and then move on and for revision do it in the morning bcz it’s the best time to do. physics is tough i know give it a few hrs like after dinner or in the evening when your mind is fresh and don’t take tension everything will be normal once you distribute your time accordingly.


Thank you!! I’ll definitely try it!!


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