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Today when I was at my shop with my father that moment one small child came start asking for water that boy was without slipper first I told no to him (because of coronavirus ) water when I saw is eys I change my mind , then I try to give water to him but my father told me no with anger but I try and that child was crying for water , I told that child to wait for few minutes my father was going home but that child left , after few minutes later when my father left . I removed 10 rupees and try to find that child I saw him I told him to come with me I will by him water but hi don’t responsed to me and went , I have everything but told I lost my I know that is my fault I should have fighting with my father. I started hurting myself .I can’t stop thinking about him what I have done

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you should not feel bad about yourself hey. the fact that you went through all that trouble to make things right shows that you are ab very caring and loving perrson. πŸ€—


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