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today was a weird day. i had good moments and bad ones as well. it’s nice that i have a smaller group of friends that im super comfortable with but sometimes i feel like im too shy to approach other people and that usually puts me in awkward situations. i was really not myself today because i was alone and had to be around people i don’t talk to. i just wish i could easily talk to people and not hold myself back all the time. i care about what people think. lesser than before but it’s still there.

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Sharan Uthappa @lighthead

Congrats on making it through the day bro. Onto the next, be better🍺

the chef @read_through

Hey, I feel you. It is great to have a close knit circle but I understand the challenges you go through making new friends or even cracking up a conversation with people you aren’t familiar with. I guess caring about what people think gets people like us too burdened to socialise openly. I hope you feel better soon 🌟


Hey dear glad to know someone is there like me. My husband and I are also exactly the same as you are. Arey don’t give a damn about any circle or friends. Just enjoy your company. Learn to enjoy your self more when in an unwanted crowd.


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