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Today was a good day all in all. Apart from my usual routine , today when I went out for a walk at night to feed my street doggos , this girl came to me and told me that she has been seeing me since months feeding the doggos. She is also interested in doing the same but doesn’t get time often due to the busy work schedule. She took my number and asked me to take her help whenever needed. She was happy to come across me who cares for dogs as much as she does. It was lovely to have the conversation with her , like minded people who think about our furry animals. It was like a reminder that keep doing the good work, it’ll be recognised on its own time.
Also later during my walk this man came to me and another girl who was feeding with me to tell about his initiative of teaching the kids of the skin area. He had seen us in the past week and thought that we could be compassionate people who would be interested in such a project. It’s his pilot project and he discussed it with us. He asked us to volunteer to teach those kids. It was so lovely to know about this. There are good people around us, just little bit difficulty to find. I’m really looking forward in how I can become a part of that. Will try to do whatever I can.

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*slum area
*difficult to find


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