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Anamika Nair @miarags

Today saw a cute couple …while travelling in train…it reminded me of my ex…I did feel jealous but then happy for them…
Why did he leave wen we were having such a good time…
But i laughed at the thought that someone might have been reminded of their ex wen we held hands one rainy day…while a pair of eyes was overlooking us.

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Unique Soul @steve56

When you finally meet the right one, You will be glad that your ex was an ex. Wish you a happy life Ana ☺️

Anamika Nair @miarags

Thanku friend… Waiting… Fingers crossed…

Sanjay King @9773053262


puneet Gujral @punnu129

Kuch pal purani yadein laate hain…dats the life…smile n move ahead…

Anamika Nair @miarags

Haan puneetji…wahi.kar rahin hoom main…dekhte hai…zindagi kya layegi…

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Your thoughts are beautiful.❣️

Anamika Nair @miarags

Cool buddy

Habib Skh @habib86


Anamika Nair @miarags


Habib Skh @habib86

How are you

Habib Skh @habib86

what are you doing now



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Alice Kate @alisa900

You are my sunshine,sweet blessing and drop of joy. I will not have been able to do anything without you. I love you. If you
know that you truely love let chat on whatsapp+316-45-24-67-53


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