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Today my ex bf sanju message me and said that he wants to be in relationship again. As I know his father died last week I told him to be just friend but he clearly said he don’t play this hide and seek he wants only relationship but i am already in relationship with his friend for 8mnth whose name is Abhi. I told abhi everything he said If
you have any feelings for him go back.
Abhi helped me in study as we both are preparing for job. Sanju helped and support me a lot he always said that i am his life his weakness . I don’t decide What should I do? If I leave abhi i will lost my study partner. If I leave sanju he will get hurt as he is very sensitive and also in this situation I don’t want to leave him alone. Sanju needs my support . And for my better career I need abhi’s help. Please suggest me the right things to do.

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First take time for yourself and think with whom you are most comfortable with ,then later sit together and clearly explain the person you wanna choose and the other person the support or help you weanna give or take


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