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Gender EqualityThought

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Hilluuuu <3 @me_hack

Today is not good day for me, I am writing this because I want your opinion guys. I’m female employee we talked about gender equality everytime but we really getting that??? My answer is NO
Why I’m saying this because I had one incident happen today my office is quite far from my place and it’s not directly routed too so there is no direct public transportation available and to going office I’m just struggling everyday, yesterday I went to my company’s transport office they told me about the facilities and everything and I agreed to it but in the end they told me that it will be a cost on project so you have to take an approval from your manager.
For the same, I had a call with my manager today instead of providing me some transportation he started giving me a lecture that you have to travel on your own we can’t bear the cost for you.
Being a women how can he expect from me to travel in the night alone in the new city without having any direct transportation.

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EkKhoj @ek_khoj

Hello there,

First thing first, did you raise this concern over an email? If yes and you still had the same answer, you should bring it with the HR. If even HR doesn’t do anything about this, you must look out for a different job.

Could you also ask me one question? Has anyone in your project gotten the company transportation and he did not just approve yours? If yes the entire team should speak to HR and start looking out for a job.

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Hilluuuu <3 @me_hack

Thanks for the suggestion
But nope he didn’t provided transport to anyone… even others can manage because they’ve their personal vehicle
And when I raised this concern my teammates only told me that these people are not going to accept your request that means they already faced it in past

EkKhoj @ek_khoj

Does your company have an HR policy? Speak to them and ask them to share all the HR policies. What does you Offer letter and appointment letter mention about this?

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Hilluuuu <3 @me_hack

For the transportation they didn’t mentioned anything… what I feel like I did a very big mistake by joining this company

EkKhoj @ek_khoj

It is all right we all make mistakes. Share your updated resume let me see if I can help you and i will also let you know about what you must ask the HR in interview.

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