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Today is my first time on this site and I always had this one question ….well here it goes, does a poet write poetry due to his thoughts or does he try to get into the mind of the reader?

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I guess it depends on what they’re writing about.
If they write about something personal or if they write a ballad or something I would guess they write according to their own thoughts. I mean a poet can’t possibly know everyone who’s going to read his/her poem, and so s/he can’t really know what other people like or how to get inside their minds.
On the other hand of course when poets try to divert attention to social problems, they’re trying to move the reader and so they would try to get inside his/her mind
But idk


A piece of literature or art has no definite meaning. If you see the works of Picasso or Rumi, you will find that people interpret them in their own ways. Some see Monalisa as a smiling lady, some see her sad. Rumi’s poetry inspire some people, while some people say the writings make them sad. If a poet doesn’t know who is the reader of his work, how will he enter the reader’s mind?

I believe the poet must be first true to himself, about his though and feelings. Also he must have a clear understanding of how those feelings are running inside his mind and what’s the exact reason for that.

The emotional software that runs inside every person is same. So the better understanding he has of his own thoughts, feelings and emotions, the more sense his poetry will make to others.


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