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Today is my birthday. Only two people have wished me. I know it shouldn’t feel weird or it shouldn’t matter to me but I feel awfully sad and lonely. For last couple of months my life has been a mess. And sometimes I feel like I wish I would have died. But don’t worry I don’t want to hurt myself. I wish I would have died of some natural cause or something. It gets so unbearable at times. I am so tired of feeling sad, depressed and lonely.

Post anonymously?

Hey. Firstly happy birthday. I wish you all the happiness and luck in the world. Don’t feel lonely, today’s the day to celebrate. You don’t need anybody to complete you, remember that. Only you have the key to your happiness. And quality>quantity anyday. So what if two people wished you, if they’re close to you, nothing else should matter.
Lots of love for our bday girl<3


Thank you so much ❤️🥰

Actually it’s not about the number of people, it’s about the sufferings that I have been through last couple of months. I am feeling so lonely and depressed in life. I sometimes don’t feel like to live anymore.


Hey Happy Birthday buddy:)… don’t worry you can talk to me if you feel lonely


hey…happy happy birthday dear
my english is not that great but i want to tell you onething
you are the most precious person and you deserve to be happy. Start pampering and caring yourself. i hope this helps you.


Happy birthday, I know you aren’t having a good day but here’s what you can do, have gratitude towards your parents who formed you and gave you a life, listen to some asmr, some good, calming music, and let out your emotions, let out the tears you’re holding back. Hug someone, anyone whom you hold close to your heart.