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Today is a sunny day of coming winters, Children’s are running around in school playground and playing multiple games, Office boy is making tea and I’m sitting in front of my desk for doing work, I’d completed my tasks now I’m waiting for more tasks. Some togglres passing by the street and O didn’t understand what they offer Oh a nice coffee smell, Coffe is on process but I’ll dribk tea, Dogs are Barkin and vehicles are running around in road. AND I’m just sad sitting and thinking that No one can understand me, no one trying to help me out from the situations where I’m in, I was a cheerful girl, who laughs and chill and make environment so comfortable, but the people around me stop taking my even a simple opinion as a funniest fly, No one wants to configure what is happening wuth me and try to solve os a different thing @onlymine Will losten of you want to say something, Because I can feel How it looks when no one listen and specially no one understand and didn’t try to understand you.
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