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Lia @leelia

Today is a really important day for me, I’ve done what I thought I could never do. I finally build up the courage to stand next to you and say what I’ve been meaning to. I feel proud of myself for being so brave, for once I didn’t run away, I’ve always envied those people who were able to express their feelings, stand up for themselves say when needs to be said you know? I thought I could never, but I did it? I still can’t believe myself I would’ve never thought I’d end up this way. Now I’ll take the broken heart as a chance to turn the page move on and withstand, it’s weird, I thought this day would feel like hell but after crying enough I have never felt happier. Is this how it feels like to have no regrets, to know that you’ve done everything you could do, to live without the doubts and the “what if’s”? Now I feel like there’s nothing I can’t do after all these years I made it to finally tell you. It was underwhelming and it hurt even tho I knew the answer but I have no regrets even if I could turn back time I would fall for you again, so thank you for coming into my life so that I could love you. From now on ill finally, live my own life. I’ve learned so much, this will remain as a valuable life lesson ill never forget. I thought that saying how I felt would only make me feel worst and hate myself, even more, I was wrong? I guess so cuz I feel like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders, I feel liberated and free. I finally know there’s no right time no right moment, you’re never ready until you decide to, if you keep waiting you’ll wait forever and live ur everyday feeling like ur missing out on something. To anyone reading this pls just say it, just do it, whatever it it you need to let go of it and this is the only way to do so. Now, I can finally live in peace I’m sure if it ain’t you it will be someone else I won’t wait for anyone to save me, 'll save myself and think only about me when I’m sinking alone, 'll take my own hand, my own time, until I can mend these broken wings and fly. This new chapter has just started and i still have a lot to learn but I finally feel like the suffering will soon end.

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Wow! Proud of you. More power to you sweetheart 😍😍

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Lia @leelia

Thank youuu💙

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