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Today i was told “man up, boys don’t cry”. Is it so bad to express your feelings through tears? Is it so bad to express how you feel? Is it so bad to be a man? I don’t know when this society will accept that men are emotional beings too.

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Archi @archi

Hey! Please don’t let someone’s insignificant opinion affect you. It is completely okay to share your feelings, be it through words or tears or art or any form you feel comfortable in. It is not a “man” or “woman” thing. Everyone has the right and freedom to express themselves. I really wish people would understand better.

Shanzah @shanzah

Hey, please don’t let others define you. You’re a human and it’s completely okay to express yourself. Don’t let others’ lame opinions stop you from being a human because men are also human and not some supernatural beings. I’ve always viewed this man up and boys don’t cry as completely senseless & useless myths because i see no point in suffering alone and showing yourself as a tough being because you’re also human beings with a heart and feelings and you have complete right to express. Next time someone says something like that, tell them a prominent answer and gently ask them to shut up.

Kashika @kashika

Seriously, I’m so sad by this opinion. Everyone has a right to express their feelings. If smiling is accepted as a universal emotion then why is crying looked down upon?

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Drishti Gupta @drishtigupt...

Very well said @Shanzah! I completely agree with you. We need to get done away with this mentality of society.


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