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today i was at this party . and my ex girlfriend made me extremely uncomfortable . i have moved on for good and it wasnt me that let her go . today after almost two years in which she had another relationship and broke up with him too this happens .
i wont lie i often hooked up after she broke up with him idk why but i just couldnt stop myself . today she was crying infront of me while i tried to console her. she told me how important i was to her .shes genuinely a nice person . but idk how to feel about today . she wanted me to kiss her . i repeated myself several times that i cant but she held on . we were in the balcony while everyone waited for us to get back inside . wed already been out for 20 25 mins and it wasnt nice of us to stay out . she was drunk so i tried to stop her my conscience didnt allow me more so i didnt want to . but i had to just so shed come back inside . was it really my fault that i did? i was so uncomfortable all throughout and so disappointed too that she would do something like this . she would constantly come to me hold on to me when she knew i wasnt up for it . i did explain to her very gently considering shes drunk . i told her repeatedly that id talk to her tomorrow when shes sober but she didnt listen . she kept asking me if she forced me and i felt guilty . i didnt wanna say that . but ive never experienced this before .i literally begged her to let me be but she didnt listen . i feel so fucked up . not knowing what to do what to feel what to think . kept holding my hand hugging me and ik shes very close but i just wasnt feeling it i didnt want it ad i made it obvious more so i told her too but still …

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Simran @st1199


I think you acted maturely in this situation. You tried in your best and even told her that you will talk to her when she get’s sober.
I think because she has a soft corner for you, she tends to get flowly with you rather than maintaining distance. And you too wish to be with her.

What you should do is, clear out things for once and then maintain only that type of relation. And think before making out again. Is it right for you and in your best interest.


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