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Today i told my crush i like and i want spend time with you but she replied she have greater things that need to focus ik i became fool myself but you know what hard for me the person is my classmate .

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Robin @robbs

Atleast you had the guts to express your feelings. It’s okay you have to face her everyday but you didn’t back down with your emotions. She doesn’t like you back is okay. You can stare at her, help her out if she faces a problem, do favors for her and yet she may not like you back. Maybe 10 yrs down the line you become a successful person and earn a lot and look better, she might regret saying no to you.

(PS: Crush is temporary. Focus on your goals)


Thanks brother yoiu open my eyes i actually want to know one more stuff call ‘love’ bcz whenever i talk to a girl later i confused am i actually in love or just attract only ?

Robin @robbs

It’s called infatuation…it’s normal… sometimes people do things that make us look attractive but not necessarily it should be love. Remember: Everyone can put a smile on your face but not everyone would care for you


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