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Today i questioned my quite friend whom i’ve been friends with for about 8 years since 2nd grade now why he he barely talk. β€œbrother in silent i feel peace and in silent i observe what you and the other people around me are doing. In Observation i learned and as i witnessed people having fun i feel joy and somehow relieved. I just love this feeling so i’ll continue living this way” i said β€œdang bro, you sure did matured in an early age” he just giggle and we talk about other things. He’s the person whom i respect the most, for even i’m a worthless person he still chose to stay by my side, when i did something wrong or my opinion is wrong he never once said that i’m an idiot instead he always right me, when i’m broken even though there’s a pandemic and he’s a tutor of 5 8th grade student he ended the his class early eve though he will be yelled at for his action he still came to my house. There’s still alot of good things that he did to me, he helped me alot and i’m relieved that i became friends with such a guy.

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