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Today I had a good day. I didn’t think of the past or anything bad. Just had a peaceful and happy impact in myself. I just felt peace w myself. Which I haven’t been feeling like for months. It feels good to be feeling like this again after a rough path. Now all I wish is that this feeling stays forever and I also wish to put more achievements in my days, for an example to study more, meditation and most importantly exercise more. I want to lose so much weight and I do struggle everyday but I know one day I will achieve my goal I just need to begin somewhere. And I will start today! Amen for me.

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Hi beautiful being!
I am also into studies and meditation. When I did my first degree I wasn’t happy with the course but that was the best thing at that time. Now I have the opportunity to do what I want and I feel so much joy studying.
I’m glad you had a good day. 🌿
Thanks so much for sharing.


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