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Today i got into a fight with 3of my friends for they ruined my name by telling the girl that i like and my classmate my most embarrassing moment when i was a kid, they liead to them by telling them that i’m not a kind guy and i’m actually an asshole and alot more… My other closest friend at school just told me today about what happened a few hours ago before i arrived at school. And after hearing what happened i rushed at our classroom i noticed that the way my classmates look at me isn’t normal and then i saw my friends, I put my bag at my chair rush them, i kicked the one who knows how to fight right in the chest and after that i punched our tallest friend at his lungs 3 times and the fat mf tried to run away si i kicked a chair towards him so that he might slowed down and i saw james my friend who can fight stand up punched me in the face tried to puch me in my ribs part but i manged to block it kicks him, and after he hit the wall i punch him as hard as i can in the nose and after that my classmates stoped us i told him “Bro how can you do this to me? We’ve been friends for fcking 6 years, i’ve always help you at fcking everything and now you’ve just ruined my name in front of the whole fcking class? What have I ever done to you??” i started to tear up i grabbed my bag went and came home… Now that my best friend is gone… What am i gonna do now?? I’m even so afraid to go to school tomorrow.

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