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Today I feel this is the first and last day when I am giving my relationship and myself a last chance. I am not being sure if he wants me in my life. And I have given this a hell lot of time. This is going nowhere. I am just tired of explaining and feeling like a beggar and no way I can restore my faith in life, love and relationships. If it doesn’t work tonight. I am not giving my life a second chance. No other option. Thank you guys. Nobody actually listens. Nobody does.

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Hey I really hope you get all the strength to stand up for yourself. I know that there will be times that you will wanna talk to him again and again if everything goes bad but promise me you will remind yourself how you wrote this post in anger and frustration don’t let one good thing ruin all of this effort.


I cannot control myself. I really don’t know. Tonight I am going to call him and I know he will be the meanest to me over and over again. But this is it. I am giving up this battle.


In relationship, the most basic thing is trust. Trust that he has no lust feelings for other woman. If u just shout out loud…u are making things worse. U just think from your side. Are u really doing justice to your relationship?? If u are on right path u don’t have to give a shit about him. It’s human psychology that we change when we feel we are doing wrong. Wait till he feels that he is on wrong path. This really works. If it’s destined that he wants breakup u can’t stop him though. Give him a chance, after all he is your second half.


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