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Lia @leelia

Today I come to share something I’m proud of doing. Two days ago on the 14th, the same day I confessed to my crush a month ago, I texted my ex-best friend, the one I hadn’t talk to at all for 3 years, the one I had been the closest to for 7 years, the one who knew me since I was 6, I was closer to her than my family and we are very close , but she was different, no matter what, it was going to be fine because she was there. I sent her a really long message apologizing for everything and thanking her for so much more, and to think I was so scared I almost didn’t do it… We went from talking every single day 24/7 at school and then through video calls during the week, falling asleep with each other on the phone, hanging out at her house every weekend to seeing each other every day but saying nothing, like strangers, like we never met. I was expecting the worst that day but the best happens, she also apologizes and said she’d love to be friends again, that even if it doesn’t seem like it I’m very important to her, that we might have fought a lot but we shared the most beautiful moments as well, and what broke me, that she was so proud of me and that despite not talking all these years she has been secretly looking out for me and constantly thinking about us. I thought I was the only one, I was so scared, I even hated her for a while but I for once did the right thing and I’m proud of myself for everything I’ve done the past two months. Now we are back to being friends, talking all the time like we used to do, I feel like I have everything I’ve ever wanted, I’m back to those beautiful times. So what I want to say to anyone watching this is, just say “sorry”. Go talk to who you wish you had back, communication is the key to everything, say things when you feel them, don’t hold back like I did once thinking it was for the best but the worst ended up happening. Argue with people if what they did hurt you, apologize if somone¡s hurt even if you don’t know why, just say those magic words; " I’m sorry". When hatred blinds and you can’t find anything to feel better just say I’m sorry. That’s all it takes. Swallow your ego and your pride for a second and just do as your heart says you’ve got nothing to lose, just turn the page and make it right. It’s never too late, not yet.
When you’re hurt, try this word, It’s so easy just say “sorry”.

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Sansthita @sansthita

Love ya sweetheart. So happy for u. Sending warm hugs darling. Take care. This made me so happy.

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Lia @leelia

Thank youu💛💛💛


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