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today i can barley cope i just dont feel me any more both my parents hate me for the past few weeks i have bin heart broken i have deppression and i dont know what to do with my life i put my happy face on for my friends and family… my brother hates me and my dad and mom my mom hasent talked to me for days over one small mistake my dad favourites my brother and lets him get away with lying… i just dont know what to do anymore i need some help…

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Hey…buddy 🎈 god loves u remember that and top of that ur parents loves u the most .in this selfish world only our parents really cares for us …nobody does!

Every parents scold their children .my parents used to scold me but I used to feel bad earlier sometimes they used to compare me with my siblings. (When I did something wrong) I have frnds they told me they used to beat by belts by their happens in every home. Does it mean they don’t love us . No…!!
May be u have done something wrong .
(Make sure u don’t repeat same mistake)

Sometimes parents lose their mind or out of control they scold us. May be they are dealing with some their personal issue .
U can make any tasty dish for them like (gajar k halwa or any favourite dish of their wish)
Lastly, Take care of your family and take care of yourself.
If u wanna share something more do reply.
(BTW wat mistake u have done)

Have a good day☺️


That has happened to me my pa


My parents also favor my sister and believe every word she says just speak to someone it will help

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