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Today I am feeling sad, empty and lonely.

Over the weekend I broke up with my partner while we were having a really intense argument, in the moment I felt both relieved because I was able to get out of the conversation and also tightness in my chest because of how easily he had let go. That feeling stayed for a while because of how utterly stupid I felt for doing that and the constant replaying of the argument I kept going through.
Today he is really cold and distant and I am wrapping myself around accepting that that is because of my actions and trying to peel back his walls so we can get back to us, because I really don’t want to be without him.

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Since you want to be with him, you must be feeling that you would adjust yourself a little just to be with him. I would like to say that whatever your argument maybe, as you must be knowing very well that first and foremost thing is the desire in both of you to be with each other. Leave the argument and just ask him if he love you, if you are important to him, if he too want to carry with the Same enthusiasm and love with which you started your relationship. If you find these answers β€œyes”, then I think these arguments should not affect your relationship if you BOTH want to be together. But if its only and only you who is willing to carry on then you should control your emotions now only so that you yourself don’t hurt you again in future. I wish you ALL THE BEST.


Please think about the argument from his perspective too. Some guys when they are not able to do something in the argument let you go because they don’t want to hurt you more. Also, it depends on what argument you had. If you could share that too. Because I myself had gone through such situations. :))


World is full of yes or no, 0 or 1 .
You’re thinking about just being with him because you feel bad about the argument. You’re also thinking about not being with him because of the past.
It doesn’t work that way.
Relationships break and in most cases it is only for good. You’ll learn and get over it.

I wish you find all the happiness in the world


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