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Today I am feeling like I’m just a bother to everybody in my family and some have told me that and its just because I show too much love for people who don’t deserve my love and I still show a lot of love and I want to know why that is so can somebody please tell me why cuz I think that’s really weird and toxic and I can’t change for some reason even though I don’t like the way I am. Also, I don’t know who to talk to because nobody ever listens or cares about me so that’s why I’m talking here. Thank you to whoever read my whole situation I really appreciate it as you can tell😊

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Kavya Ganesh @kavyaganesh

Hi there! I’m wondering if you give a lot of love to people because you want them to love you back? Maybe ask yourself what your definition of love is to try to understand your emotions better… Try to think of what you expect in a loving relationship.

Also it’s not a bad thing to show a lot of love and affection. Unfortunately, we live in an era where it’s ‘cool’ to be distant and cold, and being really affectionate is seen as being sappy. But hey, don’t worry about what other people think. There’s a good chance that somewhere down the line you’ll find someone who appreciates you and understands you for who you are.

This part is a bit sensitive, so I hope I don’t make you feel bad about it. Continuously giving someone love, especially when they don’t appreciate or reciprocate, can wear you down and exhaust you to the point where you think something’s wrong with you. Don’t let people abuse your vulnerability and emotions, no one has that right. It’s alright to love people, but not at the cost of oneself.


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