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Today I am feeling as I have felt every day in the past year. Unsuccessful at the age of 26, unemloyed and about to head back in my college town for 2 months to finish my fifth year, after I have been working in a school ( internship which is provided by country to every student who finishes 3 or 4 years of college, and after 9 months most of us finish it, if you have connection you stay there whatever you chose to work )
All my roomates will be younger and I dread going to lunch every day among young people. I am trying something with erasmus internship, to go somewhere in February, but I have never had luck with these things… It seems that everyone else already have some sort of jobs, partners, even though most of them have part time jobs which pay low, they have brighter futures since each and every single one of them have connections for jobs. I don’t feel like meeting new people, because I feel I have nothing to offer and I am embarassed of myself , were I someone else I would definitely consider myself a loser, and wouldn’t want to hang out with me

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Heyyyy buddyy!
First of all, I really don’t know why you’re ashamed of your age. You know, I’m in college right now and the most popular kid here is 26 as well!! And we love him. I promise you, age really is just a number. Your future classmates are going to see you for you and they’re GOING TO LOVE YOU!!!
And to be honest, I dont know why you think you dont have anything to offer. I already know that you’re a really cool individual. The only problem is that- you’re running low on confidence. THAT’S IT- that’s the only flaw in you. Why the low self-esteem? You’re doing so well! At 26, people are drug addicts, or murderers or thieves or something. But look at youuu, pursuing a degree!! I’m so happy for you and I dont think you have any reason to be anxious about the future. You’re going to make great friends with your relatable personality and you’re going to have a great time!! :)


Who’d knew this would mean a lot. This is exactly what I lack from life at my family home. I will only have it when I get a job, move out (ironically my real wish too )
How old are you, what are you pursuing, I can see that you’re good with words


We’re all here for you, anytime you feel low on confidence or alone. We’re here to assure you that you’re really a very interesting and fun to talk to individual and it’s all going to be okay :))
I’m 21 years old, I’m pursuing law hehe


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