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Today I am 15years old and I already feel like nothing changes. I have good moments but if you asked me to tell you some of my memories all I could tell you is how my happy face is the only emotion I don’t feel as much as I used to. I laugh with my classmates and I smile and same I love my family and that’s true but in my heart I don’t feel the love guiding the beat of my heart and the feeling of love I lost a long time ago. I hate my first boyfriend and I truly loved him I gave him all the attenchion I could give and the first time he broke up with me because I didn’t show enough emotion but the question I have is how can I when pain is just a needle that makes you twitch for only so long till your used to it. So what am I a victim or the suspect.???

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You know I can relate with you on some part. Like showing some emotions that you don’t actually have. but when you show your emotions, like literally, people think that we are faking it or like it’s not enough.

So, first of all, I will not tell you to not be disheartened, coz you are going through something. But I will tell you this. people around you cannot make you happy unless you try to make yourself happy by doing things you like. by introspecting yourself and seeing what you can do for yourself.

you are only 15 right now. there are going to be loads of people that would give you life lessons by coming into your life or getting out of it.
you can make the decisions of trying out things that would make you happy and cheerful and I believe that’s how you will let your emotions really come out of you and you will be able to feel them.

It’s you, who can change things for yourself, not anyone else.

More power to you!


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