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Today felt like the end of you and me. Maybe we are really over.

And now I know this is how life is going to be moving forward. I don’t know for how long but long enough for me to want to kill myself. Its not gonna be you and me anytime soon. The future just holds my and my love for you. I don’t know how long I can keep hold of my sanity because every brain cell of mine is constantly trying to convince me towards massive self destruction.

I want to feel nothing, I want to respond to nothing and I want to ruin everything good about my life. I want to live in misery and see how much more can I take before I give up on this stupid life. I want to know who’s gonna give up first, me or the almighty. How hard is god gonna fight me to get what I want. If I someday decide to kill myself, I’m sure it’d be worth my life for god to not let me have him.

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R u a female or male


I guess it doesn’t


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