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Today again i woke up with the dream of my ex and the thing i did was call him but asusal i am blocked. How to get rid of the dreams the pain
Someone please help me


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You can’t get rid of anything. It’ll will be okay but with time. And this time will decide whether you become a resilient or a clingy validation needy person. Take some time, talk…sometimes really talking everything out, helps!!


Talking again n again abt the same thing makes me dream i guess… its like retouching or resurfacing ur pain by letting out in words
Any suggestion for this


Depends on who have you spoken to regarding this. If they are friends, really good. Were you able to say everything you felt? even better. The idea is to share your feelings at that moment. And yes, afterwards it will slowly subside.


same pinch.

I also saw her


Does the betrayals also dream abt us🤔


no clue dude,
you gonna call him/her.

getting rid of someone you adored is not that easy. I understand that.
But what you need right now is cutting ties with that person. start from the very basic, social media. cut him off from there first. If you have any photos of him, put it in your phone’s trash. That might help you, you know.

By this, i just want to say that you need to take certain hard steps to move on.
Those dreams would not go away easily if you don’t try to let go of him and his things.

I hope you do that and be free.


Dream wahi aata jo aap sochte ho,so try kro apne aap ko kahi busy rakhne ka kisi ese ke touch pr aayie jiski aapko baat acchi lage or jo apko samjhe or samjhaye❣️