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Today, after days of deliberation I decided to put an effort to lose weight. I have been insecure about my figure for a while. The insecurity is so deeply engraved that I barely go out and often get into a fit of tears before I go to bed. If being insecure isn’t enough I barely study. This is the most crucial period for college admission yet I managed to waste the whole year by procrastinating, and depreciating myself. I made attempts to study and get back on track ie to be my normal diligent self but instead I sank down along with my confidence. In the end I have extra weight and lesser self esteem.
So today I managed to go through what I planned for weight loss, something doable yet effective, but then my brother comes demotivating me and reprimands me telling that I will never get through with the plan in the first place and its all a waste of time. Being a bit sensitive it got me into tears and now I feel that I am back to level zero.

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I can totally relate except the part of losing weight. Mine problem is gaining weight.
And I have gone through such a phase. What I learned from that is never , i repeat never tell ur plan to anyone even your besties bf , or even your own mother.
They aren’t the villain but sometimes in their trying to help they kinda put too much pressure on us or demotivate.

So you might have heard " work in silence and let your progress speak for itself" something like that.
Just get on with your plan but dont expect others to be understanding , you’ll have to tackle such comments.


Heyy🙋 First of all M really proud of you for planning weight loss.
N now , seee you getting demotivated won’t cause any harm to ur bro… right.
Its you who gonna be affected. After an year your made urself ready for it, so please please please don’t let anyone demotivate you🥺.
🤫 Ain’t its siblings job to keep teasing us. Let him do his job n you do urs.
Idk if this will help but sharing my experience, After years of procrastination I finally decided to take matter in hand n loose weight (ps. I really love my small size cloths). My mother always always taunted, demotivated me but alas I managed to loose 8kgs n guess that…now she is the one who take care of my diet or remind me to run extra miles.
Trust me buddy evrythng will fall in place.💜💜 Please stay motivated.


I feel the same way and the person I love he keeps reassuring me that I’m beautiful the way that I am, I’m happy for a moment then I go back to feeling insecure but you can do it I’m doing it exercising every morning and every night and eating and drinking things that taste horrible but it’ll be all worth it in the end and forget what your brother says if anything that should push you to prove him wrong so don’t give up get up wipe those tears look into the mirror and say I got this I’m beautiful and I’m not giving up on myself no matter how hard it gets I’m going to reach my goal now I believe in you, you just got to believe in yourself just as well.


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