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Olivia @honestly

today a wild story so I cheated on my boyfriend 3 times online saying dirty things to guys and I told him the truth and he forgave me. the first time I did it I was shocked and felt guilty and I told him I was sorry , that I messed up (Etc…) then he said you cheated I might have cheated two because I thought we were over so I told him guess were both screw ups so f*ck off and were over. a couple days after were talking to each other acting cold to each other we played truth or truth a game of truth or dare without the dare. I told him I still have feelings for him that am trying to get rid of and that’s when he told me what if I told you I still have feelings for you and I asked him why do you want me? he said because I love you he also confessed that he lied about cheating on me to make me feel less guilty now were back together.

2 replies

Appreciate you honesty and venting it out here.

I’d like to ask you something if you don’t mind as I’m not fully clear on it. What made you cheat on him in the first place though?

If the question is too personal, please feel free to not answer it.


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