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To whomsoever it may concern, if my posts hurt or trigger you in anyway, just ignore it, the moment you see a post starting with Day followed by a no., please please just ignore it.
No one come to comment there that I m immature, amateur or whatever.
I m genuinely sorry to those who I don’t know why get hurt by my post, but seriously, I m genuinely sorry.
I m doing well in my life, it has been months since the marriage, i m not wasting my life in any way, but I just can’t stop myself for not wishing all the things which I do.
So please, just leave me alone, and let me do my thing, please.

2 replies

You can lock those post so that others can not comment on them!
But I seriously think wishing bad for them won’t help you reduce your pain. Karma will take care of them if they have done bad things.


I didn’t know there is option of locking the post, thanks for letting me know.
And i do believe karma will take care of it, but i need a medium to let out my thoughts. Once i have written it somewhere, i don’t bother about it whole day.


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