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To whoever will read this, thank you, your time means a lot!

So there’s this guy I met on internet because of one of our mutual friend. We have been talking for several months now but we’ve never met. And I think I have a really hard crush on him or idk maybe it’s love! He has all the qualities I ever wished in my partner, he’s just so so perfect! So empathetic, so understanding. And every day we talk we have really beautiful conversations, he gives many hints so I think he likes me too. But the end problem is, WE HAVE NEVER MET, IT IS JUST ALL OVER PHONE! So I am not able to figure out whether I should confess my feelings or not! I don’t want to miss on such a person but also you can say I don’t know him completely for who he is in person. Meeting him is really hard at this point for many reasons. And I am being really indesicive which ruins my brain at some point.

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Simran @st1199

What is over the internet is not always what’s there in person. So, don’t judge too soon that he will be the exact same as you are portraying now.

Judge it after you meet him several times and see for yourself is he the same you wished in your partner. Till that time hold onto the word “Love”. Having a crush sound fine.


Hi. Don’t worry - I’ve met plenty of guys via the internet - since 1993/1994 I might add!!

With technology this day and age, I’m hoping you’ve at least video chatted with him. If not, then there’s a potential that they are a catfish (as they say!)

I agree with the others - meet up in person. Sometimes how things are online aren’t always the way that they will be in person.

I can tell you - I met my husband via online. We were 8,000 miles away from each other. It takes a lot of feelings / emotions for it to be real. You’ve got to ask yourself, are you ready for that?

The akwardness people feel when its finally in person is natural but I can tell you its based out of fear; fear that they won’t be who they said they were/are. Fear that you’re not living up to their expectation and fear is healthy in a decent dose. At the end of the day, you are you and that’s the only person you should be. You deserve love, to be loved, and to give love.

Arrange to meet in person, be who you are and hopefully they will be who they said they are. If the feelings are real on both parts then its all good and take it from there.

I hope that helps.




Omg thank you shorty, these were the best words I heard! And actually yea, we’ve video chatted quite a few times, it is like we also end up cooking and arranging rooms while face timing. And my friends have met him, so I’m doing that soon too, for sure! I’m really grateful to you btw ❤️


I would hold off on ur feelings. I watch mindful attraction videos on YouTube and its so good. The guy says to never say the LOVE word first to a man. So just hold off on that if u can. I would meet up w him bc obviously he likes you. Maybe pull away a little and see if he encourages the meetup?? Make it his idea. Please update us on this bc im so interested on how it turns out. Be brave girl!


Oh okay, thank you for the opinion, it means a lot! And yea, It feels good to know that you are interested! 😂❤️


Nothing new that hasnt been said already but yes things are different when you actually meet somone in person.If your planning to spend the rest of your life with someone i would suggest dating atleast a year in person.Get to know his daily habits too.Trust me that counts if planning a future.And the last will be the environment in which he grew up aka parents that too matters.Think about the long term.Till then crush is fine.


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