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To console myself from my depression Injust created a fantasy world in my head which i dream in which i live the way i want to. Nobody has any idea of how much i am depressed.
Its hard and very painful

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Piya @piyakaurbajaj

Hey, I know so many people out there who do that, sometimes they adopt an over optimistic view of things.There is nothing wrong with that at all.

I know but I think what you should do is not care about others thinking and the judgement they are holding and do your inner work, focus on yourself. I have been through something similar.

I think you know, seeking therapy is being strong, and I would genuinely recommend that if you feel depressed, and like the pain is increasing, why not talk to a professional you know? It is an option so many people consider, it might give you wings!

If you feeling of taking that option here is are some experts:


You can always explain what you feel. You will feel lighter and this is just the right path.


It will seem ironic if I told you that everything will be alright. I actually go through something similar and I never told anyone about it but I am sure it would be a lot better, if someone close to you, knows about what you are going through. I am sure there are a lot of people going through this and I hope we can all work together to support each other 😄

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