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to be stuck between all the things i have to be doing , the things i am doing, and the things im not doing enough, is a situation nobody wants to be in. there are so many expectations kept from teenagers and it sucks that people hesitate to seek help openly because all you get in return is ‘youre not the only one , everyone is going through it, if they can, why can’t you.’ there are so many comparisons; she has a better CV, he has better grades, she has a better body, she has better clothes, hes in a better school, she’ll get into a better college, and on and on i could go. it’s sad how all of us are in an attempt to beat the other, and how we put ourselves down because of other peoples’ progress.
first things first, everything you see on social media isn’t the truth, it’s probably 1/5th of it. secondly, what’s ‘better’ for others isn’t better for you, you focus on what you like and what you want to become. in college, you will find ten thousand people coming from different places who’re probably better than you at something, and if you let that get to you, you’ll have a tough time surviving. stick to your stand. lastly, not everyone who wins is successful. it’s all about the hussle, just keep your head in the game and improve from what you were, a little everyday.

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Head down, Eyes on the prize! This post is the realest thing everrr! SOOO true.


You’re so correct about the entire social media aspect! Wonderful post.


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