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To Anyone who has recovered from depression or anxiety disorder, kindly let me know what factors helped you get better? If possible, Mention ALL the big and small things. I would be really really thankful.

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-enjoy little things in life
-bullet journal
(Writing about how I felt or feel in a book)
-own a pet (cat,dog,bird etc.)
•kubz scout
•bijuu Mike
ETC (some chanel includes cuss words)
Gacha tubers:
•online or IRL
-work.on a future dream or talent.
•happy and meaningful songs
•meaningfull songs that you understand.
•TAKAYAN is a chanel that writes and sings beautiful music about how people feel.and I felt like they understands me someway.
(might be sad if relate)
-make videos.
•learn edit
•Gacha life videos and more
-quality family time

Idk more,sorry 🤔

Does not automatically make you recover from a mental health issue.but might make you laugh or smile😁

Hope you find joy in life 😊

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Simran @st1199

I suggest you, search for these 2 Tags here on the Website and see if there are some solutions provided and benefit you in any manner. 😀🌈


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