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Lia @leelia

To anyone in love thinking about confessing to their crush and whether they should do it or not, as someone who just did it yesterday let me tell you why you should indeed do it. And no I’m not saying this bc I got lucky and my crush liked me back or something cuz I in fact got rejected and lost a potential friendship yet I still think this is the best decision I’ve ever taken.
Things you should know:
1- the chances of your crush liking you back are always lower than the chances you’ll get rejected. Your crush liking you back might be very unlikely.
2- Even if there’s a 1% chance it’s still a chance, just like how you might like them without them having a clue they could like you, and you could have no idea
3- Rejection is a good thing and shouldn’t be taken personally, it’s not you, it’s them. There can be many reasons; they like someone else, they are not attracted to your gender, they don’t want a relationship, they just don’t like you bc they haven’t felt that way and that’s about it. Think about all the people you think are great and good looking yet you would probably reject for whatever reason then you might understand them and how it has nothing to do with you.
4- If they don’t like you, you need to know it and hear it in order to move on. Even if you already know the answer, even if you constantly say "they would never like me back, I know they don’t) deep down there’s always a hope, you’ll always wonder, you’ll always have doubts and “what if’s” which will make you never be able to let go, you’ll hold on in fear of letting go being the wrong choice you’ll regret things and think about everything you could’ve done but didn’t, instead if they tell you they don’t like you, you will know there’s no point in spending time thinking of them, and there’s nothing to fight for bc they don’t want to be fought for. Trust me moving on get’s much easier. you’ll get a broken heart, but “if you got a broken heart just take a chance”
5- If you are friends with this person and you’re worried about losing the friendship let me tell you, if someone stops being ur friend bc of that maybe they weren’t such a good friend in the first place, if they cared about ur friendship as much as you do they would try to save it, although it’s understandable if things get uncomfortable, but I mean weren’t they already before, don’t you think it’s worst to stay friends when you are aware that u want something else, don’t you think that person deserves to know? If you are there wouldn’t you want to know how ppl around feel about you rlly, isn’t it more uncomfortable and bad to not say anything at all.
6- are you worried about them getting mad at you, if they do let me tell you they have no right to, it’s not your choice you felt for them, you can’t help falling in love, if I were them i’d be flattered to know someone else likes me, so although there’s a chance they might be assholes but they shouldn’t be and they would mostly like to know they’re special to somebody else and capable to be loved. So let them know cuz they probably deserve to.
7- There comes a lot of merit from someone who has the courage to say how they feel, a lot of people would envy you, I used to be those people who envied others for being able to say what I thought I could never do, let out the brave in you and just go for it, you are stronger than you think you are and I know you can do it, I gained a lot of confidence from it, while thinking I would just hate myself for it but guess what it was the opposite, same thing might be for you!!
8- Be prepared for everything not only getting rejected but being told they feel the same as well. That is indeed a possibility, so be confident without getting your hopes up. Don’t think you’ll absolutely get rejected nor that your feelings will be reciprocated.
9- Maybe do it by text if you’re too nervous to tell them in person, you’ll have more time to think what you say and it will be less embarrassing. If you decide to do it this way maybe get a friend to call you and be on call while you tell them, or just be there by your side, having someone else will definitely make it much easier and more exciting which will help you hesitate less and control your feelings.( if u have no one to be there for u at the time you can let them know I can be ur emotional support lol)
10- Good Luck!!!🍀💚

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💕 thanks for sharing


How do you move on after getting rejected?

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Lia @leelia

I just think it’s naturally easier to move on after you get rejected cuz your brain understands it’s pointless to contemplate on the idea of you and that person together. However, moving on isn’t easy and it doesn’t happen overnight. After confessing i initially thought i’d be easier but i made this post more than a year ago and it took me exactly a year to lose all feelings for this person and finally move on. How do you do that? first you have to want to move on, wanting to move on is very important l, second of all, time, you’ll need time.

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Lia @leelia

That’s as much as i can tell you, i don’t think i did anything specific in order to move on, i one day just realized i had moved on.


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