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To all who are searching for love, or confused with their loved ones

Why a person suffers in relationship? Why a person is not getting his/ her soulmate?
Why we are alone?

Answer is simple
There are two aspects of this answer

One is when we can’t do anything and the only option is to go through suffering and learn some lessons. In this Scenario we don’t do anything, our partner ends everything according to their convenience. In such situations the possibilities are - your partner is fake, your partner lost interest in you, your partner is a liar, your partner cheats, your partner betrays, backstab, . Your partner is not looking for something serious. Your partner is pro player. Here we have nothing in our hand and the only option left is to leave the leash because holding one side leash can give pain to us only.

Second aspect
When a person is loving you, giving efforts for you. But on the basis of reels, movies, you expect alot and keep changing people in search of better. You take suggestions from your friends for your own relationship, which is the worst decision because if you are knowing your partner is loving you, you should sort out things between two of you, no third person should engage in a couple issues. That’s the reason there is a famous quote ( Pati Patni ki baat chaar deewari m hi rehni chahye) , if you are involving third person in your relationship then that third person is neutral and can give any solution because he / she have no emotion for your partner.

Learn to accept that noone is perfect
Learn to love flaws
Learn to find peace in your partner

Don’t keep changing people in search of better.
Kabhi kabhi hum behtar dhundne ke chakkar mein apne behtareen partner ko kho dete hai.
If someone is willing to do everything for you, hold him/ her, and keep him / her forever.

Because in the end you have to settle with one person and not with many.

Whatever you are expecting from your partner, remember your partner also have expectations, so if you want an understanding person, make yourself understanding too.

Take your time but don’t keep searching for better if your partner is genuine.

All the best

I have seen many people who are regretting for losing someone in their overthinking.

Settle With One
One is enough to make you smile and keep you happy

Sorry for such a big paragraph.

4 replies

People are snow flake they forget all efforts because of one misunderstanding and end relationship because they have this mindset ye nhi to koi or mil jaega , this is not love. You were just option
I totally agree with you , they don’t want to put efforts even they finds genuine bonding they expecting better and focus on flaws always.


I totally agree with you and this is what I was trying to say


You also made that manipulation post ?




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