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Time with friends? Are you prepared to say goodbye to that for a while? What’s more important…a few nights out with friends now or a bright future for yourself for the rest of your life…cement in your mind that you’ll not settle for mediocrity anymore, it’s not good enough to be having to struggle to pay the bills each month, to have to hold back on getting things you want, to drive a sitty car and live in a sitty house, to not want to turn the heater on in winter or cooler on in summer because all you can think about is the power bill. Fk that st…get angry…you’re in this position because of all the sitty decisions you made in the past. Those that get on in this world are those that takes responsibility for their life, those that make no excuses…say to yourself that my GOAL is MORE IMPORTANT than any short term satisfaction, that means my goal and my life is more important than getting st faced or hanging with the ahs that have no ambition in life. You might have to shut some peoples out of your life and this is the hardest part because a lot of them have been around for most of your life but a lot of them are part of the reason you’re still in the gutter. If you’re hanging out with nine losers, you’re soon gonna be the tenth. WAKE UP TO YOURSELF. You can either make some hard decisions now or live the rest of your life in the st hole of crappy decisions you’ve made in the past. I think everyone is tired of those peoples that blame everyone for their situation. If it’s not their parent’s fault it’s their boss…if it’s not the boss, it’s the government fault for taxing them too much or not making more jobs…are you kidding? Get off your lazy a** and create your own job!

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