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Time and then, things get weird. People change, feelings change and so do we. But can you relate to something you felt that- you can never get ‘that damn thing’ out from your system. Something you felt when you met someone that they were meant to be the most prestigious ones in your life, those things that you could never change, the similar way you can’t change how much you love your parents?
I had that in my life. I met that someone. For that person I am certain, the feelings can never go. I will love him forever. I will be with him forever. Even though we aren’t together I’ve pledged that I won’t leave his side. I love him. I am scared that someday he will go away but I know sooner or later I will find him, he will be back with him. I believe that. I know that feeling this way is really hard, going on with this is hard but I have to try, I have to try my best for him. I promise to be with him for better or for worse, in every thick and thin of life. 
I love him and I respect him. I hope that he realises this one day and be with me. That’s all that I wish for.

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That’s so poetic and beautiful. Thanks for reminding us of love, true love.

Ishita @ishita

Thank you.

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Fading feelings for someone is sucha relief Fakkkkk! 🫠

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