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throughout most of my childhood ive had to listen to comments that made me think twice about my appearance. i knew it was a joke, they didn’t mean it.
throughout most of my adolescence ive had to deal with people point out how visible my bones and, how weak my face looked at times, how they think I’m ‘trying too hard’.
throughout most of my recent years alive, ive  hesitated to accept out loud certain facts about myself, because there’s always a counterattack from others: “what’re you complaining about, you have it easy, at least you’re not fat”
when will people understand that skinny shaming is just as bad as fat shaming

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Ananya @ananya2

Yes! Any time of body shaming is just as bad. And unfair and absolutely nobody’s business! As hard as it is, block out their voices and dumb comments. You don’t need to change at all x


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