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This week was the most peaceful week I have had in a long time until today. I had fun, I studied, I was with my family and sisters. I actually laughed very much today and I helped my grandma and I was with my aunts and cousins after 8 months. Yet later on today I see my friends that always asked me to join them on Skype and we used to talk everyday, had a group meeting w/o me and with a girl I have fought with and they have let her join but not me. The thing that bothers me the most is that 98% of the people in that group have talked shit about her. Mad shit and I used to defend her but yea now we ain’t friends and they choose her over me which makes me feel sad, mad and frustrated. Is just that why aren’t anyone choosing me or being here for me? Or being loyal to me? It’s just idk its just bothering me because they have all been taking so much distance from me. It’s disgusting to see your friends just distancing themselves from you. I just want to be done with high school to be honest. They say it’s the best time ever but they haven’t had one year of joy! I’m just so fuckinf mad. It’s like I’m on fire. Like fuck.

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i getcha, really. I have lost so many friends because it turns out they weren’t friends; they were dicks. They turned on me and made my life hell. I recently lost a friend because I realised how horrible she is to me and even her dog (who the fuck want their dog to die?!?!) BUT through it all I’ve learn that you really need to find people who are good for you. If they’re mean like that, I suggest new friends. You don’t have to leave those guys, just find someone more trustworthy and over all worthy of your epicness. Sorry that’s not too helpful! Good luck bro :)


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