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This post may be a duplicate. I was wondering if anyone here has advice on how I could get my fiance to answer some personal questions? Thanks.

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โ€ฆTruth or Dare. 20 Questions. Open up to him. Just ask


It should not really matter how you tell your fiance. Just ask your fiance straight up! I am sure it will be fine! If it is a sensitive topic, and you know it, stop asking, and tell him/her to tell you when they are feeling comfortable!


Iโ€™m glad youโ€™re here. Weโ€™re here to listen and support you. I mean how does one even get started rightโ€ฆ especially when youโ€™re wanting to ask some personal questions?

Perhaps as a suggestion only (as you know best) you can maybe incorporate some of the following below if you still wish to ask questions:

Reflection - Reflecting back what the person is saying shows that you are paying attention to what they say.

Labeling Emotions - Identifying the emotion behind what the person is saying shows that you are interested in how they are feeling. It also helps them to examine their emotions more closely. Sometimes even though we may at times get this wrong, itโ€™s nonetheless a good practise in life as one gets better with it over time.

And the 3rd and most important - Asking the questions you wish to ask. You can always have a light-hearted conversation with that person 1st so that both of you are relaxed and then proceed to ask your questions (tactfully and sensitively if you think the other person might get offended easily).

Hope the above helps. Please remember weโ€™re here for you.

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